Natural Latex Foam was first manufactured in 1929 using the milky sap from the 'Rubber Tree' and is a 100% natural product.
SBR (Styrene Butadiene Rubber) Latex was used to produce foam with the blend of natural latex in the early 1960's.

Polyurethane Foam was produced on a commercial basis in the early 1960's.

Natural Latex Foam is extremely durable, highly resilient, non-toxic and environmentally safe.

SBR Latex is produced from petrochemicals and does not have inherent qualities of Natural Latex.
Polyurethane Foam is produced from polyol & TDI (isocyanide) - discharges toxic fumes.
Natural Latex Foam recovers in a very lively and quick manner and dampens the movements without disturbing the sleeping partner because of its inherent resilience which cannot be matched by its synthetic versions.
SBR Latex Foam does not recover as efficiently as Natural Latex Foam because it does not possess the inherent properties of resilience. SBR Latex Foam looses its hardness and shape after a period of time.
Recovers very slowly and does mot dampen the vibrations quickly because of its poor porosity and plastic cell structure. Polyurethane Foam gets deformed, breaks downs and loses its hardness while in use.
The Natural Latex Foam mattresses give perfect support without pressure to the body in whichever position a person lies. It is self ventilating as it has millions of tiny interconnecting cells. It basically breathes as you breathe because with every movement you make, the cells will let out the hot air and moisture transmitted from the body and take in fresh air from the surroundings.
Does not give perfect support and ventilation efficiently as good as Natural Latex Foam. It does not let out hot air and perspiration transmitted from the body as quickly as in the case of Natural Latex Foam.
Polyurethane Foam has a very poor porosity and it does not dissipate body heat and sweat effectively.
Natural Latex Foam has the highest natural bacteriostatic & bactericidal properties which is unmatched by any other synthetic latex foam.
SBR Latex Foam does not have natural bacteriostatic & bactericidal properties.
Polyurethane Foam does not have natural bacteriostatc and bactericidal properties.
Natural Latex Foam can be used again and again for its lasting durability and resilience that has the capacity to withstand hard wear without collapsing & loosening its shape.
SBR Latex Foam cannot boast of lasting durability and resilience and the capacity to withstand hard wear and tear without collapsing and losing its shapes as good as Natural Latex Foam.
Polyurethane Foam cannot be used again and again because of its poor durability and poor resilience. It does not have the capacity to withstand hard wear and tear without collapsing and losing its shape.
Natural Latex Foam has a unique pattern of small pin hole cavitations on both sides making the hardness characteristics isotropic. This ensures that the surface is uniform and provides maximum comfort .
SBR Latex Foam also has a unique pattern of small pinhole cavitations on both sides and the hardness characteristics are isotropic.
Generally, Polyurethane Foam does not have the unique pattern and cavitation of Latex Foam and does not give maximum comfort.
Natural Latex Foam never goes lumpy, never creates dust or fluff and therefore it is excellent for sufferers from asthma & other allergic conditions.
SBR Latex Foam also does not go lumpy or create dust / fluff. However, SBR Latex does not have the inherent natural bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties.
Polyurethane Foam can go lumpy, create dust or fluff and is not good for suffers from asthma and other allergic conditions.
Natural Latex Foam is only slightly affected by wide changes in humidity and temperature and the mattresses do not become damp and will remain well ventilated even when not in use. In addition, perspiration is quickly dissipated and passed out of the mattress.
SBR Latex Foam does not dissipate heat, moisture and perspiration as quickly as Natural Latex Foam.
Polyurethane Foam is widely affected by humidity and temperature and the mattress becomes damp and will not self ventilate when not in use because of its poor porosity. Perspiration is not quickly dissipated and passed out from the mattress.
On ignition, Natural Latex Foam produces black smoke mostly containing unburnt carbon.
On ignition, SBR Latex Foam produces black smoke containing phenolic substances, which are toxic
On ignition, Polyurethane Foam produces toxic fumes, which can suffocate and cause physical injury to the respiratory system and cause serious injuries.

Made with 100% natural rubber.

Durable and have a life expectancy of over 20 years
without undue deterioration.

Unlike Spring Mattresses, with Latex Foam Mattresses
there is no noise when moving in sleep or any disturbance
to the sleeping partner.

Recommended for those with allergies, eczemas, Hey
fever, Asthma and respiratory problems due to the medicinal properties present in Natural Latex.

The Bactericidal properties present in Natural Latex Foam makes it very hygienic
and keeps away insects and dust mites.

Supremely comfortable. The flexibility of the product moulds itself to the body contours of the sleeper supporting his body firmly.

The cell structure with millions of interconnecting cells provides self-ventilation. Body perspiration is quickly dissipated and passed out of the mattress, keeping the user in luxurious comfort.

Retains shape and does not sag or deform. No need to turn over through out the life of the mattress.

The 350 pinhole cavities per square foot on both sides ensures uniformity and absolute comfort.

The 'recovery' properties are excellent and unmatched owing to the internal properties of high resilience found only in Natural Rubber.

Humidity changes do not cause any damage to the mattress.

Reasons to Buy Our Organic Mattresses


With our pure, natural latex rubber core, pressure points are relieved, reducing tossing and turning. Most mattresses create pressure points causing you come out of deep, restorative Stage 3 or Stage 4 sleep. Our natural latex mattresses allows you to remain in deep sleep longer and to awaken feeling refreshed rather than stiff or sore.??


Latex rubber mattresses have been around since the 1940's. They have a long track record of retaining their shape. They can last up to 30 years.


Our latex mattresses are not made with toxic chemicals?flame retardants, glues, boric acid, etc. If you are chemically sensitive or even if you are totally healthy, you can eliminate these chemical from 1/3 of your life?the most vulnerable time?while you are sleeping.


When you are looking for a natural or organic mattress, you will want to be sure they are free of chemicals and dust mites. Dust mites cannot live in mattresses that have organic wool because of the lanolin. Natural, latex rubber is also hypo-allergenic.


Brass zippers allow you to remove the cover and wash it. With most mattresses you are stuck with whatever gets in your mattress or on it. For the best sleep hygiene occasional washing will make your mattress totally fresh and sanitary.


With our latex mattresses you can change the firmness after you own it. You can decide if you want your side very firm and your partner wants it very soft.


All of the materials in our mattresses are environmentally friendly and minimally processed. The key is that no man made chemicals are used in the process

Features of Natural Latex

  • Extremely durable, flexible, and resilient;
  • No toxic substances or ozone-depleting agents used in the manufacture of this product;
  • No synthetic rubber or other fibers are used;
  • Resistant to moisture buildup;
  • Naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic;
  • Mold and dust mite free;
  • Designed for "breathability" with an open cell structure and special "pin-core" construction which allows for ventilation of body heat;?
  • Retains its firmness level, regardless of room temperature, unlike temperature sensitive visco-elastic foam mattresses or pillows;
  • Improved circulation due to the inherent suppleness of latex. It sooths and relaxes muscles, while still providing proper support for the body;
  • Rubber plantation helps combat the greenhouse effect, an excellent environmental choice.
  • Maintains independent support even when two people of different body weights sleep on the mattress;
  • Different degrees of firmness available
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