This video shown above, created by EuroLatex, is to help demonstrate how pure latex is extracted and produced.

What is a Pure Latex Mattress?

Pure rubber as its main recipe, the Pure 100% Natural Latex Mattress is created after a gruelling process: after the latex (rubber) is extracted around the early hours of 2-3am, the latex concentrate is filtered using centripedal force. The 'foaming' process comes next, after which the latex foam is moulded under a high temperature in a mould consisting of thousands of pins - it is then solidified, cleaned and dried for use.

The Pure 100% Natural Latex Mattress not only supports and aligns with the shape of the body, but also naturally ventilates the air (due to the Air Cells within the mattress), thus creating a cooling effect in the summer and a heating effect in the winter. It is furthermore impossible for any type of bacteria or insects to exist in the mattress due to the anti-bacterial material it's made from.

Body support, air ventilation and preventation of bacteria all contributes towards a peaceful night's rest!

Invaluable to those suffering from back problems due to old age, or for growing children that need their spine positioned straight when sleeping, or even to those tired office workers or hardworking students, the Pure 100% Natural Latex Mattress is a great asset, aiding to fix spinal lineup problems, uneven circulation or insomnia.



    Environment: Important?

    Although previously considered unimportant and trivial during our hot pursuit for the basic necessities of food, water and housing, we now know that for the future, the environment is as important as any other.

    A wondrous gift from Mother Nature herself, the Pure Natural Latex is an environmentally-friendly product that not only provides a comfortable night's rest but also abides by the global trend of making a Green World.

    The Pure 100% Natural Latex Mattress is not only a product of advanced technology that considers environment and health, but also:

    pressure distribution, circular restoring, the millions of Air Cells circulating the air

    anti-bacterial material helps prevent skin problems or allergies .
    lower density than water, internal cushioning effect

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